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Another Coherence Video

We just posted another "Paddy Does Coherence" video on YouTube. Check it out: Also Karim Qazi, one of our engineering directors, posted a great post on data versioning and coherence. You can find it on the blog:

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Coherence video

We just posted a short video describing coherence that was shot a while back for our technology teams.  

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Data Services Topology

We are currently using Oracle's Coherence product as our primary data store behind our website. Coherence provides a scalable, fast data grid that allows for developers to easily access data and allows our data to be versioned so that structures … Continue reading

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Moving SCM

I am still excited about moving to an distributed source control management system. I think there are a lot of benefits that would come along with it, however, there are also a number of obvious costs that I haven't been … Continue reading

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New Surfboard

This weekend I picked up a Jon Wegener Alaia riding a finless board is very difficult and requires relearning how to surf. However, it is teaching me a lot about how my "regular" boards work. It could be that I just … Continue reading

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I've been reading a very good book from our chairman's reading list called Open Leadership by Charlene Li. The book has got me thinking about being a manager in technology. Many of us have risen through the ranks due to … Continue reading

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Continuous Deployments

I've been struggling for a long time trying to figure out how to get my team to really embrace owning quality. It is almost as if as long as there is a QA engineer on the team the developers rely … Continue reading

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To Git or Not To Git

There has been a lot of talk around the office the last few weeks about source control management. Since I have been at Edmunds we have always used Perforce as our version control system. It seems to work for most … Continue reading

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First Post

This is the first post to my new technology focused blog. I am not a newcomer to blogging, however, I have never sat down to compose my thoughts on building software in such a public way. I am hoping that … Continue reading

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