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What I learned about Infrastructure

I learned a lot from Andrew Shaft's talk on building a private cloud. My biggest takeaway, perhaps not Andrew's main point, perhaps not even a point he was making, regardless… Clouds are not about virtualization. Virtualization is an implementation of … Continue reading

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What I learned about Pretotyping

Patrick Copeland from Google gave a facinating talk about a concept called Pretotyping (or Pretend-o-typing). His talk dovetailed nicely into the conversations we've had at work about design thinking and illustrated in a powerful way how to use design thinking … Continue reading

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What I learned about Software Design

Lesson 1 – Run your services as a remote service from the service client. The biggest thing I learned was that it seems everyone has pulled their service implementations out of their applications and into separate proceses. We have, traditionally, … Continue reading

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QCon 2010 Lessons I learned

I just got back from the 2010 QCon SF conference. It was a very exciting week filled with great and some not so great talks. As usually happens after a conference, I am filled with new ideas and excited about … Continue reading

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