Edmunds.com Redesign Goes Live :-)

After about two years of development we have actually pulled off something that is usually considered a terrible idea that will lead to utter disaster…We have rewritten our entire technology stack and redesigned our website in one shot. We have tried in the past to do incremental updates, however, we never where able to pull it off. Eventually, the weight of our technology stack combined with years of incremental site improvements made the decision to start over not terribly difficult from either a business or engineering perspective.

Some highlights

  • Our ops team built a new process that significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to provision servers
  • Moved from a monolithic deployment to an extremely modular system with more than fifty deployment artefacts
  • Introduced a Coherence based data grid for storing and retrieving data for page rendering
  • Introduced Solr as our search engine
  • Built a new CMS
  • Built and open sourced a content based routing mechanism, available on github: https://github.com/edmunds
  • Built a new message based content and data publishing system
  • Introduced Hadoop for part of our ETL process
  • Introduced Netezza as a reporting platform

This was a huge release, and we took on a lot of risk. The whole company really pulled together together to make the redesign a reality. It is an incredible achievement. I am very proud of everyone!

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